Volunteer Without Borders provides hundreds of cultural and scientific books for people living with HIV in the isolation department of Rafic Hariri Hospital.
In affirmation of its humanitarian and social role and in pursuit of the principle of solidarity and solidarity in society, “Volunteers Without Borders” launched a humanitarian, social, cultural initiative titled: “Keeping You in Hard Time”. A cultural campaign is represented by providing hundreds of books, magazines and other cultural stories for those infected and infected with Corona who receive Health care at Rafic Hariri University Hospital, in an attempt to help them in their unit and usefully fill their free time, provided that books are replaced every week and books are destroyed immediately after they leave the isolation rooms.

These books are available in Arabic, English and French.
Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of this initiative and to everyone who contributed to the provision of books .. In particular, we thank the volunteer Aya Abdel Salam Taqi for the effort you made to make the initiative succeed.