About us

Volunteers without Borders is a non-governmental organization promulgating and expanding volunteerism among all age and social categories in order to enhance solidarity and togetherness. Moreover, the association promotes citizenship values as it conceives a democratic civil state


Humanizing society and guaranteeing the interaction, solidarity and integration of all its members


>Promulgate the principle of volunteerism as a human value and a social need

>Promote social and human interaction among the citizens of one country, based on the respect of dissimilarity and diversity along with the rejection of violence

>Disseminate citizenship values and social solidarity

>Underline sustainable human development and environmental protection basis

>Encourage civil society components, municipalities and state institutions partnership

>Adopt a comprehensive development standing on complementarily amongst all civil society elements


>Promulgate the principle of volunteerism as a human, social and national value through a bunch of programs  offered by the association

>Develop the concept of citizenship among citizens by urging them to be interested and committed to national and social matters, accountability and decision-making mechanisms

>Promote social and human communication through youth, scouting, artistic, cultural and environmental activities

>Prepare development studies

>Urge community prominent forces to work on positive change

>Involve the private sector in volunteerism because of its positive
national economic and social outcomes