Volunteers Without Borders offers you the opportunity to share the values of cooperation and integrity on the basis of: solidarity and exchange.
If you are looking for a humanitarian and cultural interaction away from profit, sign in the “Bartering” program, which will allow you to exchange field services and share experiences
Know you interests, trust your skills, and look for a match!

— What are the conditions of bartering?

There are no specific conditions.
This should be subject to be parties’ agreement.


— Are there any guarantees for bartering?

Volunteers Without Borders can’t offer any guarantee or any offer to any of the bartering parties.
Volunteers without borders is just offering this website as a platform for cooperation and social integration on the basis of solidarity and exchange.


— Any fees requested from Volunteers without borders for signing up and using this facility?

No fees requested from Volunteers without borders.


— How can bartering benefit me?

Bartering is a tool offered by “Volunteers Wiithout Borders” website to help people to exchange experiences and services due to each one’s need. For Example: if someone is skilled in a certain language and another is skilled in dancing, based on an agreement between both, they can exchange expertise and teach each other for FREE.

For this reason, bartering is a useful tool for everyone.


— What if one of the parties asks for money?

In principle “bartering” is a tool to exchange services and share experiences for free. But we advice both parties to agree for that and make it clear from beginning.


–Volunteers without boarders aims at counseling youths, women, and marginalized groups (People living with HIV/AIDS, People who use drugs, Men who have Sex with Men, and Female Sex Workers)

in the Lebanese society to build their capacities at social and behavioral levels in order to cope with major challenges including Drug Use, HIV/AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, and social isolation by empowering and involving them in the core of the social work process