Communicate through the network of VOLUNTEERS WITHOUT BORDERS ASSOCIATION, to find a suitable companion for your daily or weekly travel.
Match the place, date and time, then go for a useful ride!
Heading to the same place, at the same date and time, you may find it very useful to share one car:  In case each one of you has his own car, you can agree to switch cars for one day to another. For those without cars approaching a car owner, they may contribute to the fuel costs paid by the owner or simply be an amusing guest.
Welcome aboard fellows!
By taking this initiative you will be encouraging people to change the way they usually use to move from one place to another relying on heavily polluting forms of transport.

Carpooling is just one initiative,VOLUNTEERS WITHOUT BORDERS ASSOCIATION urges you people to adopt a soft mobility and start walking, biking and calling the government to finally implement a public transport policy.

The best way to:

Save fuel
Reduce traffic
Promote solidarity
Protect the environment
Enjoy the ride

Let’s Share One Car!
Where should the meeting place be?

This should be discussed between both parties.For safety, and for the first time unless you know them, choose a public place that is easy to access, and visible to other people.


How much does it cost to become a member?

Membership is free.

What about insurance?

This website is not a transportation operator.
It is an online free service that allows people to interact easily.
Accordingly, when you have another person in your car, you will be like giving a lift to your friend.We don’t advice you to allow your passenger to share the driving of your vehicle.However, we recommend that you check it out with your own policy and insurance provider if you’re insurance policies will cover you if you are giving someone a rise, as long as you’re not making profit.

Is carpooling safe?

Usually carpooling is safe. You must keep your personal safety in mind.
If you are considering carpooling with people you do not know, you should meet in public and well-seen places. You personally asses your comfort level with the carpooling people, ask questions and trust your instinct.
If you feel uncomfortable about someone, don’t carpool with that person.

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