Today, Saturday April 10, 2021, Volunteers Without Borders organized a conference at the Padova Hotel in Beirut, entitled “Hate Speech and Alternative Discourse”, in the context of implementing a project on countering hate speech and producing alternative speech, which includes several stations, activities and seminars in which a number of Lebanese society components and residents participate. On Lebanese soil, it includes workers / workers in religious affairs, influential people / influencers in public affairs, and students from different Lebanese universities and various nationalities.

In today’s conference, the discussion / dialogue focused on the main causes of the spread of hate speech and the increase in tensions and conflicts it causes in society, and then the participants made some recommendations and practical proposals in order to strive to confront hate speech and produce an alternative discourse that provides spaces for dialogue and convergence between citizens and disseminates Love and peace allows for the acceptance of diversity and difference, and the consolidation of societal peace .

In compassion to the foregoing, the reality agreed upon among all social groups and components is that there is no salvation from this reality except through openness to the other and respect for freedom of opinion and expression, freedom of religion and belief, in order to preserve the human dignity inherent in the human soul and on an equal footing among people without discrimination. ! Hate is a luxury